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Extra resources for Bible Studies. Contributions chiefly from Papyri and Inscriptions

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The Thirty-Third Dynasty ruled from 310 to 30 BC. Ptolemy I Soter I 305–285 BC Ptolemy II Philadelphius 285–246 BC Ptolemy III Euergetes I 246–221 BC Ptolemy IV Philopater 221–205 BC Ptolemy V Epiphanes 205–180 BC Ptolemy VI Philometor 180–145 BC Ptolemy VII Neos Philopater 145 BC Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II 170–116 BC Ptolemy IX Soter II 116–107 BC Ptolemy X Alexander I 107–88 BC Ptolemy IX Soter II (restored) 88–80 BC Ptolemy XI Alexander II 80 BC Ptolemy XII Neos Dionysus (Auletes) 80–51 BC Cleopatra VII Philopater 51–30 BC A direct descendant of Ptolemy I Soter, Cleopatra co-ruled with her father and her brothers/husbands; consummated an alliance with Gaius Julius Caesar; had twins with Mark Antony after Caesar’s death.

Parker [D] Electoral Vote Winner: 336 Main Opponent: 140 Total/Majority: 476/239 Popular Vote Winner: 7,626,593 Main Opponent: 5,082,898 Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks (336) Election 1908 President William H. Taft [R] Main Opponent William J. Bryan [D] Electoral Vote Winner: 321 Main Opponent: 162 Total/Majority: 483/242 Popular Vote Winner: 7,676,258 Main Opponent: 6,406,801 Vice President James S. P. James S. Sherman died October 30, 1912. Election 1912 President Woodrow Wilson [D] Main Opponent Theodore Roosevelt [P] Electoral Vote Winner: 435 Main Opponent: 88 Total/Majority: 531/266 Popular Vote Winner: 6,293,152 Main Opponent: 4,119,207 Votes for Others William H.

Tutankhamun 1336–1327 or 1324 BC Tutankhamun is one of the most wellknown of the kings, particularly since his tomb was discovered largely undisturbed in the Valley of the Kings in 1923. Horemheb 1323–1295 BC He previously served as general and advisor to Tutankhamun. The Nineteenth Dynasty ruled from 1295 to 1186 BC. Rameses II (Rameses the Great) 1279–1213 BC This is the ruler typically associated with Moses and the twelve plagues on Egypt. Rameses II signed a peace treaty with the Hittites in 1258 BC.

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