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By Nuden Dorje, James Low

ISBN-10: 1559392088

ISBN-13: 9781559392082

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You want to get it. You try very hard to get it but somehow there is a gap in the middle. So carefully and slowly we need to become full with devotion. We can fill up until we get the direct experience in the meditation of the energy of the guru's blessing coming into our heart so that our heart Opens and through that we recognise our own nature. But the practice around the guru is not a personality cult. You can love your guru for all sorts of reasons but the main reason to love a guru is as the living embodiment of the fhree kayas (sKu gSum) and that is what we do in the Big Rigdzin practice where we do self-initiation with the three lights.

It is like liquid crystal, a dot matrix revealing the illusory realm of cyberspace. Or in a traditional example: If you look in the sky and you See a bird flying across you See the point of the nose of the bird. But where is that point? The bird is there moving through the sky. It leaves no trace in the sky and you cannot catch the point where it is because it is always moving On. " is a movement. We construct the notion of the bird. What we observe is a movement. In the same way the nature of the mind is to be very creative.

If you recognise that one point, which is the nature of your own mind, it becomes like a wishfulfilling jewel. Everything you will ever need arises from that. If you don't recognise that then you remain in this turning of samsara. So it is very, very important that we try our best to recognise this one thing. First we must listen. This means attend to the teaching as it is. Listen to qualified lineage teachers, study properly translated texts. Attending to the teaching means giving space to it, dropping your own preconceptions and opinions so that a new kind of experience can arise for you, a radical knowledge that can deconstruct your assumptive world.

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