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By Jason T. Eberl

ISBN-10: 1405178140

ISBN-13: 9781405178143

This thought-provoking booklet examines the philosophical concerns bobbing up from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica
tv sequence, revealing how the ragtag fleet's outward trip to Earth is additionally an inward exploration for the human survivors and their Cylon pursuers.

Part of The Blackwell Philosophy and pa tradition sequence.

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Western religions try to answer this question by holding out the promise of heavenly reward, but even then the annoying tendency of nice guys to finish last in this life poses a problem: Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing, and allloving God allow the unjust to prosper and the good to suffer at all? One answer is that the lives of evil people are only superficially desirable. Such people accrue the trappings of power, but have weak souls, pinched by misery. You may think that the bad guy is the old Baltar, an imposing figure who swivels his chair to the camera to deliver his pitiless orders; but really he’s the new Baltar, a sniveling coward who would prostrate himself in prayer before a strange god just to appease the image of an old girlfriend.

It’s hard to overcome generations of poverty and weakness in a short period of time, perhaps even impossible. But knocking down the masters is relatively easy. Destroying is always easier than creating. Slave morality takes such an approach to equality. The masters keep equality from being possible; so they must either be destroyed or converted in some way. The Cylons take the easier route first by destroying most of humanity in a single day. The remaining humans are hunted down at first, but then things become more complicated, as Brother Cavil explains: 21 Robert Sharp Cavil 1: It’s been decided that the occupation of the Colonies was an error .

For Plato, this point is crucial to justify being moral; for Boethius, it’s necessary to explain God’s ways to humanity. Both particularly focus on the image of the tyrant: 30 “What a Strange Little Man”: Baltar the Tyrant? a powerful person who gets what he wants, and who wants a lot. Both want us to see that the tyrant isn’t someone we want to be, and in fact, the more apparent power he has, the less we should envy him. “I Don’t Have to Listen. 1 The crux of his answer is that the soul of an unjust person is out of balance.

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