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Having thus dreamt, Atisha resolved to enter the sangha. With this intention he proceeded to the Mati Vihara Temple and \yas ordained by Prayogmarga Sthavir Shilarakshita, a follower of Acarya Buddhanna of the Lokotar Vadm sect-that is one of the sub-sects of the Mahasangika school-who conferred on him the name Dipankara Shrijnana. Atisha then made a study of the Tripitaka, and, in particular, under the tutorship of Dharmarakshita, he studied the jedrak shedzo, which contains a set of eight hundred and eight slokas.

I, in return, having relinquished pride, paid homage to them. Again, the meditators enquired: "For what particular purpose has the great pandita come here? " I replied: "I have come to the princely Suvamadvipa, I have come to make full use of this noble endowment of a 39 human body. " Thereupon, the meditators went to the noble guru Suvarnadvipa and said to him: "Pray listen to us, noble guru. To-day, ~here has come to this island an Indian, abbot called Dipamkara Shrijnana together with his one hundred and twenty-five followers.

So the people stood weeping. As though wild beasts had come howling to devour the people's flesh, his parents fell to bitter lamentation, particularly the father, who cried: "At the time of your auspicious birth, We saw such marvellous prodigies that I made sure you would reign over the kingdom. And accordingly my mind was filled with delight. " To this, the Prince replied: "Pray listen to me, 0 religious King! If I reigned over the kingdom as you command, Though I should naturally be with you for a while· in this life, We, father and son, would never meet again in all the lives to come.

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