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The Kalachakra Tantra--Kalachakra ability wheel of time--is a convention of Buddhist thought and perform whose root textual content treats a wonderful expanse of information starting from observations of the cosmos to investigations of meditative states and very important physically energies. within the Tibetan-speaking international, a public Kalachakra initiation continues to be the main sought-after eveny within the lifetime of a religious Buddhist. The Fourteenth Dalai Lama has lengthy had a powerful reference to the Kalachakra Tantra and taken the initiation to the West in 1981, appearing it within the united states, Switzerland, Spain, and Australia. This quantity has been created to have a good time his lengthy involvement with the Kalachakra teachings.

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Possessor of the best, he’s the provider of the best, the most preeminent, Suitable for refuge, he’s the superlative refuge, The very best foe of the great frightful things, The eliminator of what’s frightful, without an exception. 93. Wearing his hair in a bun, he’s the one with a bun of hair, Wearing his hair in mats, he’s the one having matted locks, He’s the one draped with a muñja-grass sacred cord, the one wearing a crown, The one with five faces, five buns of hair, And five knotted locks, (each) crowned with a bloom.

126. With sapphire-blue hair knotted on top, And wearing a great sapphire on top of his locks, He’s the glorious one with the radiant luster of a magnificent gem, Having as jewelry emanations of Buddha. 127. He’s the shaker of spheres of hundreds of worlds, The one with great force with his extra-physical powerful legs; He’s the holder of the great (state of) mindfulness as well as the facts of reality, He’s the ruler of the absorbed concentrations of the four types of mindfulness states. a c o n c e r t o f n a m e s o f m a Ñj u Śr Ī 128.

1 1 alexander berzin 103. The best of the great physicians, he’s the most preeminent one, The unsurpassed remover of (thorny) pains; He’s the celestial tree of all medications, with none left out, The great nemesis of the sicknesses of disturbing emotions. 104. He’s the beauty mark of the world’s three planes, the lovely one, The glorious one, with a maṇḍala of lunar and zodiac constellation stars; He’s the one extending to the ends of space in the ten directions, The great ascending of the banner of Dharma.

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