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They give us our bearings in the world’s. Indeed, ‘I can be said truly to know who and what I am, only because there are others who can be said truly to know who and what I am’ (Macintyre, 1999). Social Work, Subjectivity and the Moral World 37 The expression of respect for other cultures is likewise contingent on this capacity (Levy, 2002) given that we cannot respect what is utterly unintelligible, and to treat tolerance as synonymous with respect erodes any substantial conception of what it is to respect others (Cordner, 2002).

An expert, it’s said, is someone who knows more and more about less and less. Nevertheless there is no reason why particular knowledge and skills ought not to be utilised for and with, rather than against or over those who seek out the services of a social worker. To lay claim to knowledge and wisdom is clearly distinct from the claim that one knows all there is to know about both, or to presume that one is an expert about the lives of others. There exists a fundamental distinction between what Midgley (1993) terms an inquiring and a dogmatic scepticism; the former entails due reserve about specific claims until the facts are in and an evaluation can be made, the latter a belief that there exists no possibility of answering or resolving moral questions.

That is substantially dissimilar from the notion that values are a panacea neatly indexed for all manner of situations, to be referred to as though to a ready reckoner, and applied rote-like to guarantee efficacious outcomes. Complexity is quite distinct from incomprehensibility, calling for a relating of interconnected parts in order that they be understood as a whole. Precisely because social work engages in the lives of others, social work practice must receive its vindication in moral terms rather than by reference to theory alone (Butrym, 1982; Clark and Asquith, 1985).

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