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By Angelo S. Rappoport

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14. • Such, for instance, is Vol. VIII, pp. 64-73; Gaston Paris, LD PoisV du Maym see aloo Caaael, iD Dmluc/rriflm der Kiini6l. ,ammtabmkller , • See Benfey, /oc. , Aluul. der WiiU7Uchaftm. 1850, Vol. III, p. cxv and p. 409. I, pp. 475-8; Gaater, in Monaluchri/1, 188o, pp. 475-8. 1 The Jews themselves, however, may have borrowed this myth from Babylonia. Estira, who rejected the advances of the fallen angel, is lshtar, or lstahar, goddess of love and passion, worshipped in Syria and Palestine under the name of Ashtoreth, who played an important part in the mythology of the Assyrians and Babylonians.

1 The abode of God is frequently dealt with in Jewish myth. The wonderful starlit vault above us is the seat of the Almighty. Here He dwells surrounded by His heavenly hosts. The myth makers of post-exilic Judaism were, however, not satisfied with one Heaven and imagined seven, placing the seat of the Creator in the seventh or the highest. But this abode, the seventh Heaven, is only the preferred and favourite dwelling place of the God of Jewish myth. the whole universe. 3 Frequently, the God of Jewish myth leaves this abode in Heaven and descends upon earth to pay a visit to His creatures.

VIII, pp. 200-2; Vol. X, pp. 6�3. , p. 674; Mi110e, Diclit111n1Dr• des llpocryphu, I I , 1 Sec Bt:Dfey, IDe. , I, p. 520. IJl-'7· It I 1 1 col. ANCIENT ISRAEL xi is more probable that the friendly demon is turned into a Saint than vice versa. In the 9uka Saptati the following story is told. In the town of Vatsaman there once lived a Brahman who was wise but very poor. His wife, Karagara, was such a shrew that a friendly demon, dwelling in a tree near the house, escaped to the desert on account of her bad temper.

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