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During this new ebook, Khenchen Thrangu offers an exhaustive observation at the longest and such a lot complete of the 3 vintage treatises on Mahamudra composed by means of the sixteenth-century student Wangchuk Dorje, the 9th Karmapa. Khenchen Thrangu's teachings surround the total direction of Mahamudra, together with the preliminaries, the most perform, elimination hindrances, and achieving the results of buddhahood—with designated guideline in tranquility and perception meditation. this can be the single to be had quantity that offers Khenchen Thrangu's certain observation in this complete textual content.

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Our visual consciousness sees only what is in front of our face. The auditory consciousness only hears sounds made within a few hundred yards. But the ground consciousness is vast, and whether one can directly perceive them or not, there are infinite phenomena within the ground consciousness, ready to be seen or heard, and if one encounters them, one will directly perceive them. 3 All the sensory consciousnesses and the mental consciousness arise from the ground consciousness, which is vast and subtle.

Imagine that in your heart there is a black fourpetaled lotus facing downward. In its center is a sphere like a pea that is completely black. Unlike the white sphere, which rose up swiftly, this black sphere goes downward very slowly, like a spider coming down on its thread. You have the feeling that this black sphere is very heavy. It goes down very slowly, until it is below the ground, where it rests. This is the visualization to remedy agitation. Next is an instruction on how to use the body to remedy agitation: With the eyes looking downward, the body should be relaxed.

Think that the abdomen has become empty-filled with air, but empty. Focus the mind on that. This doesn't involve any visualization; it is simply focusing the mind on the abdomen that has been filled with air. Hold the air there, not for too long or too short a time. Do this in a relaxed and comfortable way. When you begin to feel uncomfortable, gently exhale the air. Begin this vase breathing practice by doing it three or seven times. That is the first of the methods of meditation on the breath.

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