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Although this "free election ... will still lea,ye ·unrepresented those who are fighting under the banner of (hi'!. ,e must, after all, understand that no institutionin the real \V()rl~.. ••. can be perfect. " Putting aside the remarkable naivete regarding the forthcoming elections, what is striking is the implicit assumption that we have a right to continue our efforts to restructure the South Vietnamese government, in the interests of what we determine to be Vietnamese nationalism. In just the same way, the officers of the Kwantung Army sought to support "genuine Manchurian nationalism," thirty-five years ago.

It is instructive to see how other mentors of the new mandarins describe the problem of order and reform. Ithiel Pool formulates the central issue as follows: In the Congo, in Vietnam, in the Dominican Republic, it is clear that order depends on somehow compelling newly mobilized strata to . return to a measure of passivity and defeatism from which they have recently been aroused by the process of modernization. " Pool is merely describing facts, not proposing policy. A corresponding version of the facts is familiar on the domestic scene: workers threaten the public· order by striking for their demands, the impatience of the Negro community threatens the stability of the body politic.

Refusal to d~di8tte ourselves to this task might be described as "a policy nilire selfish and timid than it was broad and enlightened,"23 to use the terminology of an earlier day. J~~. backward peoples whose welfare he is to administer. In {~ct, .. ,ect~ precisely this mentality. As an example, consider the August 1967 issue of Asian Survey, fully devoted to a Vietga~. 1 be moved forward. " Huntington's own contribution to "scholarly study and understanding of Vietnam" includes an article in the Boston Globe, February 17, 1968.

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