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By Douglas Patterson

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This research appears to the paintings of Tarski's mentors Stanislaw Lesniewski and Tadeusz Kotarbinski, and reconsiders the entire significant matters in Tarski scholarship in gentle of the belief of Intuitionistic Formalism built: semantics, fact, paradox, logical final result.

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Com - licensed to University of Sydney - PalgraveConnect - 2012-02-01 38 Alfred Tarski: Philosophy of Language and Logic Intuitionistic Formalism 39 It can be seen, however, both from the general characteristic of the methods of proving independence and the consistence of axioms, and from the examples analyzed above, that in this procedure we accept as true or false certain sentences to which we reduce given inscriptions by corresponding interpretation of undefined constants. For instance, we have accepted as true the sentence: “if X is a point and Y is a point, then some straight line contains X and Y” … To round off information on formalism in the building of a deductive system, we may add that such formalism recommends itself by a certain economy of work.

Le´sniewski has ideas and thoughts. There is no question for him as to exactly what they are, but he wants to convey them to another. For this an adequate symbolism is a better tool than natural language and so the thoughts are best expressed in the form of a formalized deductive theory governed by rules for the formation of expressions and for the conditions under which one sentence can be asserted on the basis of others. 12 Since relations instituted in a deductive science by conventions are concerned with sentences, a primary issue is the way in which sentences held to be true constrain the possible interpretation of the primitives.

However, we should remember here that in passages we have already looked at Tarski says something similar: the intuitive content of his defined terms is of interest, but his definitions and the theories to which they are added can also be understood independently of it. Nevertheless, for Tarski and Le´sniewski extra-systemic intuitive meaning drives the construction of a deductive theory. 1 Le´sniewski’s early work When we turn to Le´sniewski’s early (1911–1914) papers, we find some much more articulate comments on a view which is in agreement with the remarks in the passage Tarski cites.

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