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10 Salvini 1995; 1996, 107-14. HISTORY OF THE HITTITES 35 Fig. 2. P. Mielke). Mursili I (ca. 1600 BC) continued the policy of Hattusili and campaigned in Syria again; he battled with local Hurrian kings in the region of the upper Euphrates and conquered not only the rich city of Halab/Aleppo, but even marched down the valley of the Euphrates to the already famous city of Babylon (Fig. 1). Samsuditana of Babylon, the last king of the dynasty of Hammurapi, was defeated, the city was conquered, and the famous statue of the god Marduk was taken away.

See also Dorfler et at. in this volume; von den Driesch and Pollath 2004. 121 122 123 For an overview on this topic, see the contribution by Genz in this volume, pp. 301-31. Burney 2004. Soucek and Siegelova 1996. 22 HERMANN GENZ - DIRK P. -H. Gates in the same journal. M. Greaves and B. Helwing took over the compilation of these reports, which appeared again in the AJA and, from 2003, simultaneously in the Turkish journal TUBA-AR. The latest issue, covering the archaeological investigations of 2004 and 2005 was prepared by B.

Von Schuler 1965; 1980. 38 HORST KLENGEL THE HITTITE EMPIRE This was the situation when Suppiluliuma I, son of Tuthaliya III, ascended the throne in Hattusa in about 1343 Be. According to his own report, this new king needed '20 years' - perhaps just indicating a 'long time' - to reconquer the former Hittite territories. In doing so, he acted in accordance with the interests of Assyria and its north-westerly expansion. After a campaign against Tusratta of Mitanni in upper Mesopotamia" he received the submission of local princes in northern Syria, which had been under the overlordship of Mitanni before - among them the ruler of Ugarit, the important harbour-city.

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