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Wing fold option was utilized out of habit, even when operating from a land base. 30 RVAH-5 unit insignia. RVAH-6 unit insignia. _....... RVAH-7 unit insignia. RVAH-9 unit insignia. RVAH-ll unit insignia. -- Pilot's main and two side console panels for RA·5C, BuNo. 156614 (side console panels actually are from a different aircraft). Radar warning indicator is visible just behind gloves. Main flight and propulsion instrumentation was located on main panel. Side consoles accommodated throttle quadrant and miscellaneous panels.

The inlet guide vanes and variable stator vanes were connected externally and rotated in unison to control compressor pressure ratio and maintain an adequate stall margin under all operating conditions. Turbine impingement starting provisions were incorporated. The cannular combustors were two-piece units with a steei outer shell and ten interconnected flame tubes of Incoloy "T" alloy. There were ten duplex type fuel burners around the diffuser section, with downstream injection via 10 fuel nozzles.

Electric trim actuators (controlled with conventional trim switches) were used for roll, yaw, and alternate pitch trim. Normal pitch trim was provided by using the same electric trim actuator and controlling it electronically using an input for the pitch trim synchro on the pilot's stick grip. Electronic augmentation systems were provided for both directional and longitudinal stability. Augmentation was accomplished by using inputs from t' <7' RA·5C, BuNo. 156639, of RVAH-9 at NAS Key West on August 22, 1977.

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