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During this quantity, these sensible teams containing heteroatoms that experience won value in natural synthesis are handled intimately. The creation of those a number of teams and their correct adjustments are defined and some of the elements of chemoselectivity, regioselectivity and stereoselectivity are mentioned.

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Similar structures were calculated for (CH3 )2 SnCl2 and (CH3 )3 SnCl, although their deviation from a tetrahedral structure is slightly smaller44 . In contrast, the methylated mixed hydrides, Hn Pb(CH3 )4 n , do not deviate significantly from tetrahedral geometry. This is consistent with the rather similar electronegativities of H and CH3 44 . The significant distortions in the geometry of Rn MX4 n were attributed to electronic effects44 . The computed structures of monomeric R2 MX2 and R3 MX compounds (X D F, Cl) exhibit the structural features found experimentally for oligo- and polymeric tin and lead compounds which have substituents with different electronegativities44,158 – 160 .

It contracts the M M bond length by 7 pm for M D Ge and M D Sn and by 16 pm for M D Pb, relative to values that were calculated at CCSD with a relativistic ECP. The vibrational 26 Miriam Karni, Yitzhak Apeloig, J¨urgen Kapp and Paul von R. 98, respectively143 . For all H3 MM0 H3 the staggered D3d conformation, 5, is more stable than the eclipsed one139,143 . This preference was attributed to a stabilizing vicinal (MH) ! Ł (M0 H) delocalization139 . A quantitative agreement of the calculated rotational barriers with experiment requires the use of large basis sets and high level electron correlation treatments (CISD, CCSD).

CH3 2 PbF2 C (CH3 2 Pb (CH3 4 Pb C PbF2 ! 3 a At MP4SDQ with a quasi-relativistic pseudopotential for Pb; from Reference 44. TABLE 14. 91 a The SCF wave function was analyzed using the NBO procedure, ECP was used for Pb and a DZP type basis set was used for the other elements; from Reference 44. b Only n is given. s character, while those to the more electronegative ligands reveal higher 6p contributions (Table 14)44 . Thus, lead (and tin) compounds obey Bent’s rule161 , which states that ‘more electronegative substituents “prefer” hybrid orbitals having less s-character, and more electropositive substituents “prefer” hybrid orbitals having more s-character’.

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