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3. 'Androgens' (dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate, androstendione, androsterone ; trace of testosterone—can be greatly increased in tumours). 52 T H E ADRENAL GLANDS—ADRENAL CORTEX Adrenal Cortex—Physiology, continued. 4. ' Oestrogens ' (the adrenal has the ability to form oestrogens —can be greatly increased in tumours). These are physiological classifications dependent on the main action of a particular hormone. Many compounds have effects upon other systems as well. 'Glucocorticoids', which have a pronounced action on glucose metabolism, have many other effects some of which, like anti-inflammatory action, are of therapeutic importance.

A tendency to hyperthyroidism is familial, and the disease is much commoner in women than in men. The disease is associated with other organ-specific autoimmune disorders such as auto-immune thyroiditis, idiopathic Addison's disease, pernicious anaemia, and myasthenia gravis. A general liability to disorders of immunity mechanisms is thought to be inherited in all these conditions. LATS is probably responsible for most cases of hyperthyroidism. 2. —Less common. Incidence 1 : 10 to 1 : 20 of all cases.

2. Goitrous changes from iodine deficiency predisposes. MALIGNANT DISEASE OF THYROID 47 3. Goitrogenesis from antithyroid drugs not thought to predispose. 4. Irradiation of thyroid in children predisposes. — 1. — a. Carcinoma. b. Lymphosarcoma and fibrosarcoma—both very rare. Undifferentiated malignant conditions consist of anaplastic cells with marked invasive properties. 2. — a. Papillary carcinoma. Tall columnar cells with papillary folds, very little colloid. b. Non-papillary carcinoma. Hyperplastic cells without papillary formation.

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