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By Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

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"A Step clear of Paradise tells the tale of Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa, a visionary lama who in 1962 introduced an day trip to what he and his fans believed to be the land of immortality defined in twelfth-century Tibetan culture. With over three hundred disciples, he ventured up a distant Himalayan mountain on the Nepal-Sikkim border so as to ‘open the best way’ to a hidden land of lots came upon on no map. Fifty years later, Thomas ok. Shor tracks down the surviving contributors of this visionary day trip and entwines their impressive tales of religion and experience along with his personal quest to find the truth of this land referred to as Beyul. What emerges is a panoramic tale alive with probability, bringing the reader as with regards to the Hidden Land as a publication potentially can. because the impressive account unfolds, the reader is bound to copy the query continually raised through the writer in his interviews: after which what occurred? the tale recollects and conjures up certainly one of humanity's oldest aspirations—that of discovering a stairway to paradise

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Sometimes they came upon stones stacked on top of each other. They believed the lama left those stones to mark the way. So when they saw them, they followed them—and into the snow and windswept heights they went. After a few days her monk-brother gave up and went back to Yoksum. He had begun to fear the heights, which made his mind play tricks on him and he began to have doubts. Now there was more for her and her husband to carry. They would take two of the sacks a kilometer ahead, hide them in a cave or cliff for safekeeping and go back for the third.

At a very early age he was sent to the Domang Gompa, a monastery in his native Golok, to be trained. This must have been in the early- or mid-1920s. There was a great lama at that monastery known as the Domang Tulku, or reincarnation. That was his title. He was a lama who had taken reincarnation many times at the Domang Gompa, increasing his spiritual insight with each successive incarnation. His name was Dorje Dechen Lingpa. Being a lingpa, one of those rare elites of treasure revealers, he had the spark and could recognize it in the boy.

In fact it is very good. Yesterday was a test, and you alone passed it. While I could manifest the purbas, even I couldn’t have brought one down. The purba you brought down was nam-ter, sky treasure, treasure hidden long ago in the sky. That you got it means you are a terton. ’ Tulshuk Lingpa had the purba tucked under his belt beneath his robes. He handed it respectfully to the lama, who examined it closely and told him to keep it safely for it would bring him much power. The purba, taken from a photo of Tulshuk Lingpa in the 1950s Dorje Dechen Lingpa handed the purba back to the boy and spoke confidentially to him.

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