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Scorched Earth is the 1st booklet to chronicle the results of chemical conflict at the Vietnamese humans and their surroundings, the place, even this present day, greater than three million people—including 500,000 children—are unwell and loss of life from beginning defects, melanoma, and different health problems that may be without delay traced to Agent Orange/dioxin publicity.

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Unintended Soldier depicts Richard B. Schwartz's army stories, first as an ROTC cadet on the college of Notre Dame and at last as a military veteran instructing in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1959, Vietnam used to be little greater than a observe on a map; inside ten years, american citizens observed the Tet Offensive and their campuses in flames.

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Military operations during the Lebanon Crisis . S. Army and Marine units, and the CASF and associated air units comprised American forces. Maj . Gen . S . Air Forces, and directed all USAF air operations. S . forces, the United States did not engage in combat during the Lebanon Crisis . Air employment operations consisted of mass fly-overs of Lebanon, reconnaissance, air defense, and a leaflet drop . In addition, the Air Force supported British troops in Jordan with an airlift. The first CASF flights began on July 18 when six 354th TFW F-100s flew their initial combat sorties .

Troops from more than thirty countries eventually rode aboard USAF transports in Operation NEW TAPE, and many of them could not talk with each other or with the aircrews that were transporting them. Some of the cargo was mislabeled or was labeled in metric quantities with which all participants were not familiar. Sanitation became a persistent problem with passengers who had never flown before or who had never seen an aircraft latrine . Ground personnel had to disinfect the planes rou tinely. Because of insects, aircraft had to be fumigated on a regular basis .

Johnson . It supported the largest deployment of UN troops since the Korean War. In duration and in ton-miles, Operation NEW TAPE surpassed even the vaunted Berlin Airlift. MATS alone moved 63,899 passengers and 18,806 tons of cargo among at least 24 nations in the 4 years between July 1960 and June 1964 . By the end of 1962, USAFE's 322d Air Division and MATS together had already moved more than 94,000 passengers and over 21,000 tons of cargo on NEW TAPE missions . By 1964, eight kinds of airplanes had taken part, including giant C-133s and jet C-135s .

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