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Change. amends or supplying a defect. , Hoggers, Fots, N. upper stockings devoid of feet, made long enough to cover half the thigh. Much elderly horseback men when on and about before 1800. Bever, to tremble. E. a bough or branch. , N. , made with staves, one of which is longer than the rest as a handle. ' Bew, Bu, G. ' c. a quarrel, ' . G. to Bid, hurry. G. to the N. , of act building. Biggin', G. building. Biggie, c. to blindfold. Biggly, c. blindman's buff. When the boy is blindfolded, another turns him gently round to confuse his ideas of the locality, and 'Antony blindman kens ta me, sen I bought butter and cheese o' thee ?

To wait on a sick person; to saunter about home. ' See Teutt. Cot, a. a hut c. Cotter, together. ' a humble dwelling. ; to entangle ; to mat ' It was cotter't like an Cottit, c. short-tempered. , ; sec N. and N. account. w. I count nought I hold it in no Cawwnt, ' esteem. 'Countin', a. arithmetic. Country side, G. neighbourhood. ' Courts, G. small railed-in spaces in front of houses. w. , without horns. ' It's G. the core. w. to rake together. w. to ex- change. (' Ceapman. ) N. to overturn. w. a cart.

A sledge on wheels. Bog onion, c. the Osmunda Regalia or flowering fern. G. Boilin', ' The food boiled for infants. c. , Grunsel, Agreen, N. Boddamest, See Gibson's the cuckoo- and a waggish bottom G. Cardamine pratensis. In some parts the mealy primrose, Primula farinosa, is so called. w. to bow. thickest at the end. G. Sometimes pretty. ironically used in a contrary ' sense. It's a bonny consarn ! seg, G. a castrated boar. Bobberous, c. boastful ; proud. Boddam, G. prettily. G. Bonny burd-een, Boar tail't, c.

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