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By Walter Thirring

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The dynamics of advanced structures can make clear the construction of constructions in Nature. This production is pushed via the collective interplay of constitutive parts of the approach. Such interactions are often nonlinear and are at once answerable for the shortcoming of prediction within the evolution procedure. The self-organization accompanying those procedures happens throughout us and is continually being rediscovered, below the guise of a brand new jargon, in it seems that unrelated disciplines.

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Ives - See [WH 1, PK 1,2] c. Builder [BU 1, PK 1,2] d. Prokhovnik See [PK1] C. The Ballistic Theories a. Ritz [WH 1] b. O'Rahilly [OR 1] c. Waldron [WA 1] Sometime during the late '20s or '30s Max Born, an important advocate of QJvI, and the proposer of the probabilistic interpretation of the QvI wave function spent some time with Einstein trying yet again to convince him of the general validity of QM. He was unsuccessful. In exasperation he said, "Why are you against QM. We were only doing (in a logical sense) what you did in Special Relativity.

I have come to feel very strongly that a new theory must deliver experimental predictions which are confirmed and which are not derivable from the ruling paradigm and that otherwise such ideas are not deserving of attention by professional workers in that field. Thus only after the fertility and heuristic qualities of an idea are literally/empirically demonstrated does it deserve to be proposed as an occupant of the serious working time of those not now directly involved in these activities. I suppose the Einstein was thinking of matters of this kind when he made his remark.

Decomposition of Circular Motion into an Orthogonal Set of Vectors 28 ELECTRON IMAGE 0 ELECTRON I 0 -------------------------------------------------- ELECTRON PSEUDO-IMAGE ONLY FOR SLITS 0 ELECTRON 0 Figure 11 - a. Electron and Its Image (Upper Sketch). b. Electron and Its Pseudo-Image , But Only at the Slit Gaps (Lower Sketch). Part Zero The Basis for This Book This page is intentionally left blank Note: This Part is based on a talk delivered some years ago [HO 17] which has been updated and is here used to show the reader my general opinions and basic attitudes in STR and QM, from which the purpose of this book derives.

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