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By Murray Bromberg, Melvin Gordon

ISBN-10: 0764113658

ISBN-13: 9780764113659

A Barron's bestseller for years, this e-book is healthier than ever in a new fourth variation. as well as its commonplace vocabulary lists, this variation contains a new part referred to as landscape of phrases. during this characteristic, all the 1100 phrases looks in a sentence chosen from between popular novels, performs, poems, or even newspaper editorials and television publicizes. The e-book is a vocabulary builder aimed at once at college-bound highschool scholars, in addition to students who desire additional vocabulary aid. scholars will locate observe lists with definitions, analogy routines, exciting be aware video games, and engaging words-in-context workouts.

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2. Our __________ relations with Latin America are an asset* to hemispheric trade. 3. Once the virulent* __________ had run its course, my temperature dropped. 4. * 5. No sooner did the lawyer __________ the extortion* note than she called the police. Definitions Match the new words with their definitions. 6. scrutinize ____ a. annoying 7. nefarious ____ b. villainous, vicious 8. amicable ____ c. examine closely 9. vexatious ____ d. disease 10. malady ____ e. friendly, peaceful Today's Idiom to look a gift horse in the mouthto be critical of a present (from the practice of judging a horse's age by his teeth) Although I didn't have much use for Uncle Roy's present, I took it with a big smile since I have been taught never to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Crush, stop ____ 14. obsolescence n. to discredit ____ 15. perfunctory o. person you tell your secrets to ____ 16. perverse p. disappointment ____ 17. precocious q. uncertain ____ 18. quell r. commendable ____ 19. sally s. sudden rushing forth ____ 20. voluble t. process of wearing out Idioms ____ 21. I'm from Missouri u. occasion for rejoicing ____ 22. red-letter day v. I have to be convinced ____ 23. let sleeping dogs lie w. don't rake up old grievances ____ 24. thumbs down x. to signal rejection Now check your answers on page 307.

Relentless, unappeasable ____ 5. flout e. immediately ____ 6. forthwith f. blameworthy ____ 7. fray g. range of authority ____ 8. harass h. to show contempt ____ 9. implacable i. poverty-stricken ____ 10. indigent j. to irritate ____ 11. jurisdiction k. violent outburst ____ 12. monolithic l. to end ____ 13. oust m. a likeness ____ 14. paroxysm n. go back ____ 15. reprehensible o. to torment ____ 16. revert p. riotous ____ 17. skirmish q. eject ____ 18. stymie r. small battle ____ 19. terminate s.

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